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Getting Started

Do I need a real estate agent to buy or sell property?

From the perspective of an attorney, I highly recommend working with a real estate agent.



Do I need an attorney to buy or sell property?

Retaining an attorney to help finalize the sale or purchase of real property is recommended. Once the contract is signed by both parties, it will be passed on to their attorneys for review. Under a standard contract, attorneys have three days to review it and advise the other attorney of any concerns.

Attorneys then exchange “attorney approval” letters to clarify outstanding issues or to approve the contract and move forward.



Who is responsible for drafting the contract of sale?

Your agent will draft a complete and accurate contract. Agents are experienced in negotiating the terms of the contract, including purchase price, to reflect the parties’ wishes. Read More...


Can the buyer and seller use the same attorney?



What kinds of issues arise when the buyer and seller use the same attorney?



What do I need to know if I’m selling a business?

The greatest difference between buying a home and buying a business is that the purchase assets need to be itemized and reported to the New York State Tax Department.  The reporting serves two purposes: 1) it documents the assets that the buyer will be required to pay sales tax on, and 2) it ensures the state’s ability to collect outstanding sales tax owed by the business (the seller).





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