Wills and Estates

Drafting a Will is a task most people don't look forward to, but it's usually a relief to get it done.  Making the appointment is the hardest part; you don't need to bring anything with you once you make the call.  If you're doing your will, you should also consider having a Power of Attorney and Living Will (Health Care Proxy) prepared.  These documents allow someone else to help you if and when you need it.


Once a loved one dies, it's usually up to a relative or close friend to probate that person's estate (i.e. distribute his or her property).  This can be an emotional process, and we make tremendous efforts to relieve as much of the stress as possible. 


You will work one on one with me, Kathleen, on these issues.  Meeting with people on such a personal level ties us together, and it's the part of my job that I genuinely enjoy.